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A politically aware teenager

Well..a little about me. My main interest is video games, and but I also enjoy studying History, Pollictical History and Politics. I'm a left winger, (and my dad being a capitalistic freak hates me for it :P) My favourite video game in the world is Final Fantasy Tactics, because of its fun battle system, and it's great story. I also like Final Fantasies VI-X.

Another thing I particularly enjoy is war history. I may sound like a sick bastard, but I like to see things blow up. (Plus, there's usually plenty of pollitical intrigue to go along) The Wars I most like learning about are during the age of Imperial Europe. (ie. The Seven Years War, The Napoleonic Conflicts, the Crimean War and WWI and WWII)

Ok, enough about that I suppose. I also like to a limited extent anime. I like Eva, and Coyboy Bebop, and.....hmm...oh yeah, Slayers is good too.

Well, that's it about me, I don't think I'm going to waste my time typing anymore, because I'll bet not many people will have read this far anyway.

If so, thank you for reading!

PS: Even though I enjoy learning about war history, I'm not some kind of bloodlusting freak, I'm really a nice guy^^

i'm in ravenclaw!

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